All bikes need regular maintenance to ensure they’re safe, in good working order and to prevent them from wearing out prematurely. I’ve tried to kept the service options as simple as I can but it’s okay if you want something different, just let me know. The prices below are for labour only and parts, where required, will be extra.

Safety Check – £20

I wouldn’t recommend the safety check in place of a standard service but if you just want to make sure your bike is safe to ride this option could be for you. The safety check includes:

  • Frame – checked for damage / alignment.
  • Chain – Wear check & lube.
  • Tyres – checked for damage / wear. Inflated to correct pressure.
  • Brakes – checked for wear and correct operation. Adjusted where necessary and cables oiled.
  • Headset – checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Bottom Bracket checked for wear.
  • Wheels – checked for wear / damage. Hubs checked for play and adjusted if necessary.
  • Gears – checked for correct operation, adjusted and lubricated.
  • Bolts – tightened to correct torque.
  • Advise on further work required or recommended.


Standard Service – £40 (Single Speed £30)

While this is called the standard service it’s extremely comprehensive. It covers every major component of your bike and is just one step short of a full strip down. This service will ensure your bike is good to go. Children’s bikes up to 20″ wheels are £20 and only £15 if booked in with an adult bike.
The standard service includes:

  • Frame – checked for damage / alignment.
  • Wheels – checked for wear / damage. Trued on bike and spokes re-tensioned.
  • Hubs – stripped down, cleaned and regreased.
  • Gears – cleaned lubricated and adjusted. Cable cleaned and oiled. Derailleur alignment checked and adjusted.
  • Brakes – checked lubricated and adjusted. Cables cleaned and oiled. (please note that there is an additional charge of £12 (including fluid) for bikes with disc brakes requiring a system bleed).
  • Headset – cleaned, regreased, checked for correct operation and adjusted.
  • Bottom Bracket – removed from frame, cleaned, regreased, re-assembled. Checked for wear and correct operation.
  • Check all components are secure and tightened to correct torque setting.
  • Tyres – checked for wear and damage. Inflated to correct pressure.
  • Drivetrain – chain, cassette and chain rings checked for wear, cleaned and lubricated.


Complete Overhaul – £90

The complete overhaul is a full strip down of the bike. All components will be cleaned and the bike reassembled using anti-seize where required. I would recommend a full strip down of your bike at least every 2 years, especially if it’s ridden through the winter. The complete overhaul includes everything in the standard service plus:

  • Every component removed from the frame.
  • All components inspected, cleaned, lubricated.
  • Rebuild using anti-sieze where required.
  • New stainless steel gear and brake cables fitted as standard plus new outer cables.
  • Cost of hydraulic brake bleed included in price.
  • Thorough clean.


Suspension Forks & Rear Shocks

Please note: Servicing of suspension forks and rear shocks is not included in the above prices. Please contact me if you require a quote.



Cassette close up Front derailleur close up Chain close up