23rd Aug, 2019

All Change

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s 8 years since I started Bike Ops and that I haven’t done any posts in all that time. Shame on me!

Truth is, I’ve just been so busy. Since starting the business it took me quite a while to build up my tools and customers but now I am quite well established with a reputation for quality, which was definately one of my top prorities.

During a training ride one Friday in January 2011 I met another cyclist and we got chatting. Little did I know that chance meeting would bring about a big change. At the time, I was thinking about joining a cycling club and do some group riding rather than just riding alone all the time. The other cyclist, Paul, rode with the Zappi club in Oxford. He told me all about it so the next day I went into Oxford to go on a club run. That was a tough ride and I never took my touring bike on a club ride again!

So that was it, the start of many exiting things to come. I rode with the club for several years and got to know Flavio Zappi, the club founder and ex-pro cyclist. Flavio and I became good freinds and in 2015 he invited me be the team mechanic at one of the stage races in Italy. Looking after a racing team compared to servicing a bike in my workshop was a whole different ball game and the sense of responsibility was huge.

So this is now my fifth year of working with the Zappi team and it has made me a pretty experienced mechanic and allowed me to look after the bikes of some rising stars in the cycling world. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to do what I do and it has allowed me to travel around Europe and also meet, and occasionally ride with, many cyclists I used to see on TV.

That chance meeting and riding with the club has also brought me many good friends and good customers too! It’s true to say that cycling has enriched my life more that I will ever realise.

U23 Giro D’Italia 2019

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