About Bike Ops

Bike Ops is new and dedicated to providing high quality bicycle servicing and repairs at the customer’s location or in the Bike Ops workshop. Situated near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Bike Ops is well placed to support cyclists living in many of the small towns and villages in the Abingdon and wider Oxfordshire area.

Bike Ops was not set up to rush through as many bikes as possible in the shortest possible time. On the contrary, I want to ensure that every job is completed to a very high standard with satisfied customers who come back again and again.

Bike Ops is a small business with few overheads and because of this I am able to keep prices low in addition to providing a high quality service.

You will find Bike Ops listed on the Cytech Retail Directory as a business using Cytech Accredited staff.

About Me

Setting up BikeOps and having the opportunity to earn some money doing something I really enjoy has been a long term dream.

As you’d expect I’m a keen cyclist so I understand how important it is to have a bike that works properly! I enjoy both on and off road cycling with a particular passion for long distance touring. I’ve toured extensively around Europe and in 2010 I cycled 4,300 miles across America on the ‘Transam Trail’. You can read my Transam Blog here.

I’d like to say, while on my America trip, that I maintained my own bike. The truth is that I rebuilt and set up my bike before I left and the only thing I had to do on the trip was to replace the chain half way across and oil it occasionally. Nothing else went wrong, my bike was a dream to ride and I hope that’s a testament to the care and quality of my workmanship.

Am I qualified to mend bikes? Yes, of course. I have the Cytech Level 1&2 qualification which is recognised as the industry standard but that alone isn’t enough in my view. It’s also about experience, attention to detail and a desire to always do the best you can. I’ve been working on bikes for longer than I care to remember and my engineering background is a great help too. I don’t profess to know it all though. With so many new products and innovations I am constantly learning.

I look forward to seeing you.

Alan Penny


Fox Fork close up Alan at end of Transamerica ride Fox rear shock